Lloyd´s verifies Arola´s tool “Linking your CO2”

Fecha publicación: 25 September, 2014
Autor: María Giné - COO

At the end of last year, at Arola we launched a tool to calculate CO2 emissions in the transport of goods. This tool, developed with the support of the Fundación Ecología y Desarollo (ECODES) helps knowing the carbon footprint in international transport, in whatever transport mode, whether it is single or combined.

The rigour with which our company has faced this project has been recognised by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Spain, S.L. (LRQA). The calculations provided by the tool LINKING YOUR CO2 to calculate the carbon footprint has been verified by LRQA following the principles of norm PAS2050: relevance, integrity, coherence, concision and transparency.

For our Company, gaining this recognition is an important step forwards in our strong support for a responsible international distribution. Safety and sustainability in international logistics are two of the principles that define the way we understand the global concept. In this sense, over the course of past years we have pursued certifying our activity and an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) while striving to provide guaranteed safety for the transport of goods and abiding by customs regulations. Also, from our AEO Consulting Department we have assisted our customers in the drafting of procedures and providing training to them so they, as importers or exporters, could be certified as trustworthy AEO companies.

We look up to sustainability in international distribution with the same perspective. On the one hand, we do our best to ensure that we are doing things well and therefore, we verify our emissions based on the ISO 14064 standard and establish the emissions reduction plans to achieve the highest respect for the environment in our business. On the other hand, we offer our customers the opportunity to calculate the emissions linked to the transport of the goods they entrust us with.

Companies that calculate the carbon footprint of their products based on the PAS2050 norm can now measure the carbon footprint linked to the transport managed by Arola, both for raw materials and for the end product placed in international markets. Also, one of the aims of this tool is to suggest alternative routes and modes of transport that allow minimizing CO2 emissions during the service and thus their impact on climate change.

María Giné - COO

María Giné – COO



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