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We offer freight forwarder services from a door-to-door approach. Only in this way can we ensure that you will not have to worry about offer and demand fluctuations, the transport mode connection, tax deferment and the preparation of orders for distribution. This is how we start transforming your business.



Thanks to our knowledge of specific documentary requirements, as well as products subject to special tariff measures, we are able to offer solutions to the challenges that our customers pose to us every day. From our comprehensive vision of each project and our experience with customs legislation, we can guarantee you the most appropriate timings to your needs and provide the necessary assurance and security every time we go through a customs clearance.

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Arola Customs

Javier Cano

Customs Operations Manager Madrid – Barajas

Andrés Celdrán

Customs Operations Manager Valencia

Sergi Dominguez

Customs Operations Manager La Jonquera

José Faro

Customs Operations Manager Tarragona

Carlos P. Ferré

Technical & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Paloma Gaviño

Customs Operations Manager Cádiz

Virginia Luna

Customs Operations Manager Sevilla

Laura Montardit

Corporate Customs Manager

Arola Logistics

Ramón Aparicio

Corporate Operations Manager

Laura Jiménez

Logistics Operations Manager Barcelona


New HCP import controls

New HCP import controls

Pursuant to NI GA 09/2023 of 9 May on the import control of hazardous chemicals (HCP TARIC measure), from 1 June, customs will apply the HCP TARIC...

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New AES export system

New AES export system

9th May, Spanish customs will implement a new automated export system (AES) to replace ECS. According to the European Commission's timetable, the...

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Turkey: Logistical Situation

Turkey: Logistical Situation

This article analyses the logistical consequences of the devastating earthquakes that struck the southern regions of Turkey and northern Syria on 6...

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