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AROLA, ADUANAS Y CONSIGNACIONES SL (hereinafter AROLA) is headquartered at 11 Palaudarias Street, 08004 Barcelona, Spain, with tax ID number B59917435 and registered in the Companies Register of Barcelona, Volume 21882, Folio 1, Page B28670.
Pursuant to the article 9 of the Law 34/2002, of the 11th of July, of the Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, AROLA has notified to the Companies Registry of Barcelona the Internet domain name for your identification.

AROLA website consists of a public part – in which the visitors are informed about the its activity related issues and services provided to the Company – and a private part for the exclusive use of the clients of AROLA to which they can access by entering a login and a password.

The reproduction, copy, whether partial or total, distribution, commercialization, public communication or any other action that may be taken in relation to the content and information from this website without obtaining an express permission of AROLA is an infringement punishable by law.

AROLA reserves the right to update the contents of the website and to remove them, as well as to limit and block the access, either temporarily or permanently, without any prior notice.

The use of this website confers the status of the user of the page
(hereinafter User) and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of all and each of the provisions included in this Legal Notice, in the version published by AROLA, at the moment when the user accesses the website.

The AROLA webpage can be freely visited by the users, excluding the areas reserved for registered members which can be accessed by a previous introduction of the login and password.

The User agrees to use the website, its content and services, in accordance with the Law, with this Legal Notice, with the particular conditions of certain services and other notices, with the rules of use and instructions given for the purpose of the User’s information, as well as with the moral and generally accepted practices and public order.

For these purposes, the User must refrain from using any of the services for illegal, banned and harmful effects of the rights and interests of the third parties. Responsibility for the use of the information contained on the website is of the User. AROLA disclaims any responsibility for the information contained on the websites not developed by AROLA, and especially for the contents of the links published on its website.

AROLA is exempted from any responsibility for the damages of any kind that may arise from the uptake and use by the third parties of the information, advertising and opinions provided by the users on the website.

AROLA is not responsible under any circumstances for the content, information or images that do not depend on the website and are not managed by AROLA.

AROLA is not responsible for the misuse of the Users’ login and password for the access to the content and services they require and which are offered on the website, neither for any consequences arising from its misuse by the Users, loss or forgetting the login and password, or their misuse by unauthorized third parties.


Conditions applicable to the engagement of the reports:

The contracting party will be considered as the lessor of the services and AROLA as the lessee thereof, in accordance with the regulations established in the Code of Commerce.

The personal circumstances of the lessor and lessee are the ones contained in the order form in the website, which are accepted by both of them, recognizing the necessary and sufficient legal capacity to contract and, in particular, to lease involving the recruitment of professional advisory services of AROLA, in its area of activity .

In the case if the lessor acts on behalf of a legal entity, the position he holds in it must be accredited indicating its validity. If he was not empowered to contract such service on behalf of the legal entity, he will personally assume the payment of the same.

Clauses applicable to the contract for the lease of the advisory services:

First. Purpose. The purpose of this contract is the development by the Lessee of the professional advisory services in regard to the foreign trade of the Lessor. In particular, the Lessee agrees to provide advisory service in regard to the foreign trade which includes the written consultation of this kind made by the Lessor by means of the corresponding form via the website of the Lessee and after the prior acceptance of the Lessee.

Second. Excluded Services. It is expressly excluded from this agreement any action that exceeds the limits of the request made by the Lessor in the petition stipulated by the Lessee, in the “ad hoc” website form of the latter.

Third. Confidentiality. The Lessee undertakes to maintain the absolute confidentiality on the data and information provided by the Lessor or on which he may be aware as a result of the functions entrusted to him hereof.

Forth. Duration. The duration of the present contract will be considered the period from the acceptance by the lessee of the request for advice until the corresponding report delivery.

Fifth. Price and due date. The Lessee will receive the amount of euros as stipulated by each type of request which shall be paid in a way provided for each case and it will be communicated by the lessee at the moment of reception and acceptance of the order when it is also communicated its execution period. The execution deadline of the order will only be extended with the consent of the Lessor.

Sixth. Failure to fulfill the obligations. If the Lessee completes the request made by the Lessor with a delay of 5 working days, the latter will be entitled to demand a 50% reduction in the cost of the service without being able in such a case neither to terminate the contract nor to obtain any other compensation.

If the Lessee exceeds the abovementioned period, the Lessor may either get the service for free, or recover any amount that had been paid on account plus legal interest occurred from the date of payment until its return.

If the Lessor fails to make a payment, partially or totally, and if this occurs after the fulfillment of the order by the Lessee, the Lessor shall pay, in addition to the full cost of the requested service, the legal interest plus two accrued points until fully paid.

In any case, once the request is formalized, the Lessor will not be able to cease it.

Seventh. Termination of the contract.

7.1. The following shall be considered as the grounds for termination of the present contract:

a) Its normal termination, either due to the contract’s expiration, or due to having met and executed the obligation of both parties, or due to the mutual agreement of the parties.

b) Breach by any of the parties of any of the provisions of this contract, under the terms provided in the preceding clause.

c) The bankruptcy statement by the request of legitimate creditor of any of the parties, or submission of the voluntary bankruptcy request or suspension of payments of any of them, or interposition against any of the parties of executive judgments or liens or other precautionary measures involving the reduction of the financial solvency of the same.

7.2. The termination of this contract does not exclude any other legal or judicial redress that either party may wish to obtain.

Eighth. Judicial submission.

Expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, if it were different, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Tarragona.

Ninth. Regulations applicable to the contract

This contract is of commercial nature and shall be governed, firstly, by the provisions contained therein, and in terms not provided therein by the provisions of the Code of Commerce, corresponding laws, business practices and, failing that, by the provisions of the Civil Code.

The formalization of the order and the fulfillment of the deadlines for unilateral withdrawal without penalty provided implies the acceptance of the clauses of this contract by the Lessor.

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