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Specialists in Environmental Taxes, Customs Law and International Trade

Arola Legal is a highly specialized office dedicated to advising and defending our clients in matters of Special Taxes, the Energy Sector, Environmental Taxes, VAT in international trade, and Customs Law.

Our team of lawyers, who are fast in solving problems and experienced thanks to long careers in these matters, aim to provide you with personalized advice.

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Our Services

At Arola we have one goal: to transform your business. Thanks to our experience, we can make any procedure or authorization stop being a hindrance and become one more way of generating value for your business. To do this, we have the expertise of Hitsein Abogados, who form a team of expert lawyers in customs law, international trade and special taxes.

Contentious Taxation


We have a team of experts in contentious tax matters with extensive experience in all types of procedures regarding tax authorities.

Indirect Taxation


Our team of experts offers a global consulting service, tailored to the needs of our clients in matters of special taxes, environmental taxes, VAT in international trade and customs law.




With extensive experience in the energy sector, we offer consulting on the proper fulfillment of all the obligations imposed by hydrocarbon, gas and electricity regulations.

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Legal & Tax Manager


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Legal & Tax



New HCP import controls

New HCP import controls

Pursuant to NI GA 09/2023 of 9 May on the import control of hazardous chemicals (HCP TARIC measure), from 1 June, customs will apply the HCP TARIC...

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New AES export system

New AES export system

9th May, Spanish customs will implement a new automated export system (AES) to replace ECS. According to the European Commission's timetable, the...

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Turkey: Logistical Situation

Turkey: Logistical Situation

This article analyses the logistical consequences of the devastating earthquakes that struck the southern regions of Turkey and northern Syria on 6...

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