Turkey: Logistical Situation

Fecha publicación: 13 February, 2023
Categorías: Logistics&Customs
Autor: Manel Franquet

This article analyses the logistical consequences of the devastating earthquakes that struck the southern regions of Turkey and northern Syria on 6 February.

The epicentre of the events was the province of Kahramanmaraş, fully affecting the port of Iskenderun, located in the same geographical area.


The port of Iskenderun remains closed. The facilities have suffered major damage and, until further notice, will not offer service. Most shipping lines are offering changes of destination for containers scheduled to unload at the facility, as well as a package of measures to assist customers with containers at the terminal.

Indirectly, the port of Mersin, the main port closest to the events will suffer major collapses, absorbing a large part of the derived traffic. The situation could create potentially tense scenarios due to the whiplash effect, also in the other ports of the country, until continuous fluidity can be achieved again.

At present, Istanbul airport is not congested, but the message is one of caution. In the next few hours it could collapse with international shipments of humanitarian aid.

International traffic to and from Europe continues to run smoothly, but the message is also one of caution. Many of the roads in the south of the country are impassable and many trucks may divert their international routes to domestic routes to aid recovery.

Once again, the Arola Group is making its entire network of professionals available to all its customers to review, study and try to mitigate, as far as possible, the situation.

Manel Franquet

Manel Franquet



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