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Fecha publicación: 23 June, 2023
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Autor: Carlos Arola - CEO

Pursuant to NI GA 09/2023 of 9 May on the import control of hazardous chemicals (HCP TARIC measure), from 1 June, customs will apply the HCP TARIC measure – Hazardous Chemical Products – to an increased number of products.

For TARIC codes subject to control by the TARIC HCP measure but not affected by Regulation (EU) 649/2012 on the export and import of hazardous chemicals, a DECLARATION by the importer will be accepted stating that – under their responsibility – the products being imported are not subject to HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS INSPECTION. The aforementioned declaration, which must be attached to the SAD, must be issued on the following terms:

1.It must be signed by an identified person connected with the company.

2.It must include an exhaustive description of the goods, with a sufficiently precise description to identify the imported goods in each event. Generic declarations or a mere reference to an invoice number or other type of document are not acceptable.

3.The CAS code of the imported substance and the use must be stated.

For products affected by Regulation (EU) 649/2012, it will be mandatory to attach the document issued by MITERD to the SAD indicating that under Regulation (EU) 649/2012 there is no impediment to the import proceeding.

Our customs department is available for any additional information.

Carlos Arola - CEO

Carlos Arola – CEO

Group Arola

Etiquetas: HCP | Importation


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