& Customs

Operations management Spain (including Canary Islands)


  • Clearance of general custom procedures:
    • Imports.
    • Exports/re-export.
  • Clearance of special custom procedures:
    • Transit.
    • Authorized consignor.
    • Authorized recipient.
    • Specific use:
      • Temporary admission.
      • End-use.
    • Processing:
      • Inward.
      • Outward.
    • Custom warehouse declarations.
  • Technical inspection services:
    • Health border control / Biological samples.
    • Animal health.
    • Plant health.
    • SOIVRE/CITES/ecological.
    • Pharmacy.
    • PEIL (Illegal Fishing Control).
    • FLEGT (Wood Import Control).
  • IRD ships and aircraft supply.
  • Intrastat.
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Operations management Spain (including Canary Islands)

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