Transparency in TTIP?

Fecha publicación: 27 January, 2016
Categorías: Logistics&Customs
Autor: Arola

Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Trade of the European Union, was criticized by the lack of transparency about the project of investment and trade agreement between the EU and the US. She proposes to fit out a space, a reading room, where anyone who is interested can read about the TTIP documents related to the negotiations.


While waiting the approval of the 28 capitals about the proposal, the US embassies in the capitals involved have enabled some rooms where only government members of the country concerned and a short and exhaustive list of officials can enter. Under the name of “secret room”, the room to read certain documents has been branded by many as insufficient.


Despite this initiative of transparency in the negotiations, there have been several criticisms regarding the  environmental protection of this room and the surveillance and strengthening security in this place: “Now, there are two, rather than one, the persons who accompany us when we read the documents”. “The room is a bunker of seven square meters in the Parliament building”. 




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