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Since 1933 when container standard measure was stablished in shipping, way of moving cargo around the world was never going to be the same. According to the information by the world banc, Spain has increased their container yard at the rate of an average 7% per year in the last 3 years, coming to a number of 14.714.701 TEU’s in 2012, although far away from the impressive 155.017.351 TEU’s from China which puts them ahead as the world leading market. This information leads us to know that 80% of world cargo is being moved by sea.


Trade carried by sea has grown since it’s beginnings and the data from 2011 on the American market took, goods worth $1.73 trillion dollars or what is equivalent to 80 times the value of all American trade in 1960.


In the last years we have witnessed the development of new generation vessels Triple-E that will be the biggest ship in the world. Triple E stands for ”Economy of scale, Energy efficient and Environmentally improved” with a capacity to carry up to 18.340 TEU’s. This big container ship uses more than 100 tons of fuel per day, resulting over 300 tons of CO2 as well as other types of pollutants that may damage human health. Despite this data, shipping is the greeneast method of transportation in terms of carbon emissions per ton per mile. It emits about a thousand of aviation and almost a tenth of trucking.


With all this numbers, why is shipping invisible to most of the population? Think about your business, do you recon how your cargo got there? Have you thought of the carbon footprint of your cargo?


At Arola we acknowledge this fact and with all this numbers, we decided to create and lead the change in Spain. We have created the carbon footprint calculator for your cargo.


So, are you ready to ship Environmentally Friendly?


Read more about carbon footprint,  here

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