Manuel González-Jaraba

Cargo: Legal & Tax
Teléfono: +34 931890432
Oficina: Carrer de Fontanella 21-23, 3º-1ª, 08010, Barcelona – Spain

Manuel González-Jaraba has a law degree and is a former State Treasury Inspector. He has held various positions within the State Tax Administration Agency, such as the head of the Regional Customs and Excise Unit of Catalonia and the head of the Technical Office of said unit.
He has published numerous articles in the fields of customs, special taxes and environmental taxes, as well as on tax matters in general and matters related to the European Union, and is the author of several books related to these matters, such as “Los impuestos especiales de ámbito comunitario”, “El sistema de impuestos especiales en España”, “Las claves del procedimiento sancionador tributario”, “El marco legal de los derechos antidumping”, “Comprender los impuestos Especiales”, “Lo que debería saber sobre el impuesto de matriculación”, “Los impuestos especiales armonizados”, “The legal framework of anti-dumping duties”, “La protección de los intereses financieros de la Unión Europea” and “Fiscalidad europea: un equilibrio de fuerzas”, and also collaborated as an author of Mementos de Impuestos Especiales y Aduanero.
He was a professor at the School of Public Finance, and is currently a professor at the Dissemination and Knowledge of Customs Law Academy, has taught numerous training courses on customs, excise duties and taxes in general.
He is a specialist in community and internal regulations and jurisprudence in the fields of customs, special taxes and environmental taxes, performing consulting and defense functions related to these fields.

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