Arola Comercio Internacional offers the most sustainable cargo transport solution for its customers

Fecha publicación: 24 octubre, 2013
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Autor: Alejandro Arola - Presidente

Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo (ECODES ) and Arola have team up to launch a tool that calculates the carbon footprint when transporting goods of their customers. Their goal is to find more sustainable alternative routes to reduce climate impact.

This tool allows the calculation of carbon dioxide emissions in the international supply chain, taking into account the different transportation modes: land, sea, rail and air , and the combination of them based on distance, defining the features of each vehicle or the type of route they are going to perform as well as the distance travelled.

The Calculations will be periodically reported to allow companies to use them in their environmental policies. The emissions report will be supported by the appropriate technical justification that validates the data provided .

For companies that have not yet taken action to minimize the environmental impact of their activities, this may be the first step in choosing alternative and more sustainable routes within a climate policy and participating voluntarily in offset projects .

Through its initiative “CeroCO2”, ECODES issues explanatory labels for those Arola’s customers that choose to calculate their emissions. On these labels, it is stated ” emissions calculated ” or ” reduced emissions ” whereby a less polluting transport route has been chosen.
This initiative shows the Arola commitment to the environment and contributes to the improvement of distribution.

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Alejandro Arola - Presidente

Alejandro Arola – Presidente

Grupo Arola



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