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Fecha publicación: 5 noviembre, 2013
Categorías: Grupo Arola
Autor: Mery Cairó - Directora de Marketing

As already announced in advance on 29th October, we are very excited with the presentation of our new Corporate video which has been created in line with the restyling of our corporate identity.

During the video making stage we have accepted a double challenge from the beginning being aware of the difficulty to explain in just a few minutes the complexity of the sector in which we operate.

On the one hand we wanted to explain in depth the real dimension of our business, the technical complexity of the thousands of operations that Arola undertakes in more than 80 countries and our efficiency and involvement in each and every one of them.

But we did not only want to explain what we do, but also wanted to do it in an understandable way that would bring our day to day closer to anybody together with a wish to transmit our eagerness and professionalism that accompanies our clients through a world that is becoming closer and more connected.

The challenge has been difficult but Martin, a little boy who with his family runs a small pineapple plantation, helped us to achieve it and reflect everything that we set out to explain. Shall we begin the presentation?

We hope that Martin´s story will help to understand what we do and how Arola can help!

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Mery Cairó - Directora de Marketing

Mery Cairó – Directora de Marketing

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