Sonia Meroño

Cargo: Legal & Tax
Teléfono: +34 931890432
Oficina: Carrer de Fontanella 21-23, 3º-1ª, 08010, Barcelona – Spain

Sonia Meroño is a Technical Architect and Project Manager in Quality- Time- and Cost-Efficient Project Management (Escuela Universitaria Politécnica de Barcelona. Cofounder of the beer factory As Cervesa Artesana).
She has collaborated as an advisor to entrepreneurs and companies starting in the sector on beer legislation.
Trained as a Specialist in Brewing and Technical Fundamentals of Beer and as a Specialist in Microbrewery as a Business Model by the University of Alicante.
She has been a co-director of the specialist courses in Microbrewery as a Business Model since 2021 and a professor of the unit of food legislation, labeling and licensing in the beer sector since 2016 at the University of Alicante Business School.
She is the secretary on the board of directors of the association Pink Boots Society Spain, and coordinator of the commissions of Regulation, Training and Scholarships for the members.

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