LINKING YOUR CO2 is visiting the offices of Arola

Fecha publicación: 21 April, 2015
Autor: Arola

In the last months , in each office, a training workshop aimed at learning how the LINKING YOUR CO2 tool works was held to get to know the results of emissions of Arola as an entity in order to raise awareness and establish reduction plans in environmental issues.

The calculation tool, for internal use in Arola and also available to our clients, aims at contributing to the improvement of the international distribution, betting on logistics chains, safe and sustainable over time.

LINKING YOUR CO2 taller Huella de Carbono en las oficinas

The training session, held by ECODES and Logistics Department of Arola Barcelona, highlighted the importance of the obtaining of a secure and sustainable international supply chain, as well as the development of reduction measures that Arola can implement in order to achieve a maximum respect for the environment.

ECODES, responsible for introducing the concept of the carbon footprint for a transport service on a technical level and its calculating methodology, developed a dynamic workshop involving employees of Arola to participate in proposals for minimizing emissions generated by the company.

Moreover, the tool LINKING YOUR CO2, verified by LRQA (LLOYD’S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE ESPAÑA SL) was explained in detail by the Logistics Department of Arola. By learning, for practical purposes, the tool, its applications and its scope, in a truthful example it was demonstrated the emission of CO2 generated in the transport of the goods.

Arola is seeking to support its customers in promotion of different sustainable actions, and in case of those companies that have not yet started actions for the reduction of the environmental impact of their activities, is trying to motivate them to take their first step in climate policy.




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