Calculate CO2 emissions with ‘Arola CO2’

Fecha publicación: 28 julio, 2020
Autor: Arola

At AROLA, we assist our clients in promoting different sustainable actions in a constant concern for maintaining efficient and sustainable activity development. For those companies that have not yet initiated actions to reduce the environmental impact of their activity, we encourage them to take the first step in their climate policy.

With the Arola CO2 tool, verified and certified by LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance España S.L.) under the PAS 2050 principles: (relevance, integrity, transparency, consistency and accuracy), companies can find out the carbon footprint of international transport in any type of transport, whether single or combined.

At AROLA, we offer our customers the opportunity to raise awareness of the environment calculating the emissions generated by the transport they entrust us with. On the other hand, we also offer the possibility, for those companies that are calculating the carbon footprint of their product, to incorporate its measurement for the product’s raw material sourcing, the transport as well as the international distribution.

The calculations can be submitted individually or periodically upon client request so that they can use them in their business policy and be able to minimize the environmental impact of their activity by voluntarily choosing more sustainable alternative routes.

Identify the emissions generated by the transport of your goods and reduce them!


Acompañamos a compañías de todo el mundo en nuestra misión por ofrecerles una movilidad más inteligente, sostenible y segura en el comercio internacional. Y no encontramos una fórmula mejor para hacerlo que estando siempre ahí.


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